I agree with this statement. There was a criminalization in KPK which was involved our National Police institution and attorney general's office. But above those all, I want to concern about why our President had to make an institution like KPK? By all matters, it indicated that he didn't really trust our National Police and Attorney General, and it effected them to put KPK into trouble, because of a jealousy of why KPK has a great power as a new institution, comparing with the other two. In my opinion, 3 of them were fault. But what we have to justice more is, whether the mistake were normative or excessive. It was not a secret if our bureaucracy's rules are not doing their jobs well. It's good to erase "the corruption culture" in our country, which was the purpose of the President by making KPK. I think instead of it, why didn't he focus of cleaning up the 2 big institution that are National Police and Attorney General's office? I guess, it'll be more efficient. But those are happened already. What they have to do now is justice them as equal as their faults.