Another chess prodigy (Part 4): Fabiano Caruana

(photo by: Fred Lucas)

Fabiano Caruana is an American-Italien chess grandmaster and achieved his first and second GM-Norms in March and April 2007 and his last GM Norm in July 2007 at the First Saturday-Tournament in Budapest aged just 14 years, 11 months and 20 days and became one of the youngest grandmasters of all times. He is now at his rating peak, with even more points to arrive from events yet to register. His rating rose over 600 ELO points in a span of 6 years or so!

Caruana was born in Miami, Florida on 30th July 1992. His family moved to Brooklyn, New York on 1996 and his parents signed him at chess club because young first-grader just couldn't sit still. Up to the age of twelve, he lived and played in the United States, with occasional travel to European and South American tournaments and at age 12 he relocated with his family from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Madrid, Spain to pursue chess in a more serious manner. He trained first with International Master Boris Zlotnik in Madrid, and later with Grandmaster Alexander Chernin (his current trainer) in Budapest.

Caruana, possessing dual citizenship of both the United States and Italy, has the option of FIDE affiliation with either country. On 11 October 2005, after living in Europe for 10 months, he transferred his affiliation from the United States (USA) to Italy (ITA). At the end of 2007 he participated in the Italian Championship. The prior year he became sub-championship of Italy by tieing with Michele Godena but losing the 5th rapid play-off game. This year he won with a score of +8 (9.5/11) to become the youngest ever Italian champion. In year 2008 was his first experience at Corus and throughout much of the tournament he was the clear leader. His last round opponent was Parimarjan Negi, and Caruana needed 1/2 point to win the tournament. Caruana won the game and the tournament with a final score of +7 (10/13) and performance of 2696. In the same year in Italian Championship, Caruana successfully defended his title winning the title for the second consecutive year with a score of +5 (8/11). Having won Corus C 2008, Caruana received and accepted invitation to Corus B 2009 which was of category 16 with average Elo of 2641. Throughout the tournament his standings ranged from first to third place. Going into the last round he was tied for second and his opponent was Nigel Short who was in clear first. Caruana won the game and performance of 2751. Caruana is the first player ever to win both Corus C and Corus B in consecutive years placing clear first in both. This year's Corus, he moves up to the strongest group. Shall he win the Corus A 2010 in order to continue his triumph streak? We'll see....