CORUS 2010: Round 13 Pairings

Wijk aan Zee in January – the sea, the beach, the ice, the dunes.(photo by: Nadja Woisin)

The 13th or LAST ROUND starts on Sunday 31st at 12:30 Royal Dutch time, an hour earlier than usual (you can translate this to your own time zone here). And you can watch the live games here.

GROUP A - Round 13
L. van Wely - V. Anand
N. Short - J. Smeets
H. Nakamura - S. Tiviakov
M. Carlsen - F. Caruana
V. Ivanchuk - P. Leko
A. Shirov - L. Dominguez
V. Kramnik - S. Karjakin

GROUP B - Round 13
A. Naiditsch - E. l'Ami
W. So - A. Muzychuk
V. Akobian - D. Howell
P. Negi - A. Giri
P. Harikrishna - T. Nyback
L. Nisipeanu - E. Sutovsky
D. Reinderman - H. Ni

GROUP C - Round 13
D. Vocaturo - S. Swaminathan
S. Plukkel - B. Bok
L. Chao - Z. Peng
R. van Kampen - S. Kuipers
K. Lie - M. Muzychuk
N. Grandelius - R. Swinkels
A. Gupta - R. Robson